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What are BSON Books?

BSON books are the downloadable ebooks distributed in the BSON format.

Distribution Methods

The BSON books stored in the cloud (websites) may be delivered to your reading machines (desktops or mobile devices) via two different methods: download and import.

  • Download: The traditional download process where a .bson file is transferred to your reading machine in its original form. The downloaded file can be saved in a folder of your choice.
  • Import: A special type of download process where the original file is processed and directly saved in a database located somewhere on your reading machine.

The imported book content can immediately be displayed by the BSON Books Viewer or Math Ebook Viewer. To read the downloaded book, you need to add it to the database (more info).


An ebook is a collection of html documents, images and other types of files. To produce the ebook, its constituent files are typically zipped, involving data compression. An example is the EPUB format, which is essentially a zip file. For text files, the compression makes sense because their file sizes can be dramatically reduced. However, the image files cannot be shrunk much further. Their compression only slows down the decoding process. Ideally, an ebook file should consist of compressed text and uncompressed images.


JSON is a file format that enables rapid decoding. It has been widely used over the internet. The .json is an official file extension. However, JSON may contain only characters, not binary data as in original image files. Although the binary data can be converted into characters, it will increase the file size by 33%.


BSON stands for Binary JSON. As the name indicates, BSON is designed to deal with binary data. You can now include the binary data from images, audios, videos, and zipped text documents into the BSON file. This makes BSON an ideal ebook format.

BSON Books are Hard to Pirate

The zip-based format (such as EPUB) can easily be pirated. Anyone can unzip the .epub file and see all underlying html and image files - in their original forms if not encrypted. Our BSON books are not encrypted in any way, but it is not easy to convert the .bson file into other ebook formats, because the original html files are modified and only computer experts may decode the .bson file.


The advantages of the BSON format can be summarized below:

  1. Fast to decode.
  2. Hard to pirate.
  3. Images do not need to be encoded into characters, which would increase the file size by 33%.
  4. Audio and video contents can also be included in the .bson file, as easy as images.
  5. BSON is already a standard format. We simply apply it to ebooks.